Where’s our Hedge Fund, Mr. Manchin?

Can a hedge fund get me to work or look after my elders? Those are the kinds of questions West Virginians should ask Senator Manchin this week and every week until the Senator gives us an answer. He risks sinking a just, once-in-a-generation infrastructure investment plan that puts the American People first over the corporateContinue reading “Where’s our Hedge Fund, Mr. Manchin?”


What other Word but Malcontent Captures the Seething Tone of the Time? ‘Twixt – or ‘Tween – the Tantrums Regulating Creative Destructions The Teeming Masses Instead Team Toward Something More. Freedom. Freedom from Want, Demand, and Disrespect, or Petty Dominion What other Word but Malcontent, Captures the Humanity of Fighting for Freedom?