Sunday’s Summary; Monday’s Memo

This post is but a pin hole into the whole of my thoughts the last two days. They’re all a pleasing tangle, but they can do with a bite or two of the brush. Some might even see the light of day. First, I should try to sum up the week that was all the same. Then there’s the first meditation of the week on quite the day. From these observations, I believe some insight can be distilled worth cheering. Bottoms up!

This being the first full week of the new year 2023, it seems only appropriate to review the early returns on the annual goal. In a previous post ( change-time ), I dedicated this year to mastering my time better. One week has already been most instructive. Work is just one part of life, but there should be something in it for you beyond the material compensation and should synergize with familial and social life. People remain the point, and time is how we keep score. At the same time, the game is still made up: the points don’t matter in the end. Rest is best for sustained success from test to test. Routines form blocks of reliable material which can add up to monumental things over time. Outline, then refine. The hits keep coming…

Monday was fast paced for the last day of my work week. Even people you don’t like can be good to you if you let them, but believe them when they tell you who they are. It’s ok to be different. Peace is sacred; no less so when it is lively. Focus finds the flow.
Timing is is knowing when to go…

See you next time.

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