Where’s our Hedge Fund, Mr. Manchin?

Can a hedge fund get me to work or look after my elders? Those are the kinds of questions West Virginians should ask Senator Manchin this week and every week until the Senator gives us an answer. He risks sinking a just, once-in-a-generation infrastructure investment plan that puts the American People first over the corporate tax rate? Should we accept worse roads so the wolves of Wall Street can keep their bonuses from their shell games? I say Manchin is trying to play the Nation. I think he is attempting to con us into believing this boardroom “Democrat” working for Republican donors is the only reasonable person in his party or D.C.. Nothing could be further from the Truth. We all need the American Jobs Plan.

The vast majority of West Virginians hardly care about the corporate tax rate, except to know that it is too low. Between transportation, insurance, and rent in America, most of us don’t have substantial emergency savings, let alone capital assets. Yet the big businesses and money-men have been raking in record profits and building unheard of reserves of wealth for years as Americans struggle to get things like clean water and humane elder care. So who is Joe really representing here?

Now Manchin can play hero without facing the costs of inhumane priorities. The GOP will happily maintain fraudulent opposition pandering to small-minded selfishness; blessing corporate profit and private grift. Thus Joe can keep money in his class’ collective pocket, possibly still enable a bill that will help all Americans, and be rewarded for it at the polls back home for looking tough and smart. Maybe some of my fellow Democrat voters are ok with games, but I am not. West Virginia should demand better.

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